Monday, June 25, 2007

Round 6 - Au lieu et place d'une vacances d'été, laissez-nous tout écrit des histoires

Don't ask me what it means. Ask Elizabeth.

Here are The Words for this round:


I'm publishing the genres this time because I don't want to sit here and email everyone individually. I'm lazy like that.

Hillbilly Mom - Science Fiction
Cap'n Neurotic - Mystery
Jusdealem - Teen romance
Cazzie - Horror
Elizabeth - Western
Redneck Diva - Soap Opera
Maverick - Historical Romance
Pigpen - Fantasy
Bubblegum Tate - Comedy
Li'l Random - Drama
Mrs. E. - Action

Some are those listed above are from the last round and didn't write, so I just listed them with what they had last time.

Okay, now you know The Words and your genre. You have until Friday, June 29th at 10pm to submit your stories.

Voulez vous couchet avec moi ce soir?

(Yeah, I'm pretty sure I just propositioned y'all, but hey, I'm trying to keep the theme going here.)


Hillbilly Mom said...

Heh, heh. I'm having fun with this.
Because I could not translate French, Google kindly translated for me. Somewhat.

Here are the results.

With the place and place of one holidays of T, leave us all crit stories.

Instead and seat d'une holiday d'été , lead - ourselves all writes any fuss.

With the place and place of one summer holidays, leave very written stories to us.

To the place and places of a vacation of been, do we leave all manuscript of the histories.

But the teacher in me says it means: Write a report about your summer vacation.

Elizabeth said...

LOL-I went back and inserted it into an english to french translator and got the same crazy stuff. Loosely translated it means, in lieu of a summer vacation, let's write stories.